Whether the Prayer Meeting Bible Study has been serving you best by its timeliness of application to where we, our church, and our country are at; or, by its stirring your heart up toward the Lord for the prayer portion of the meeting, you will be better able to benefit if you prepare in advance to spend time in the Scripture. The following summary from last time and preparation questions for this time are designed to help you:

Summary from last time (Nehemiah 10:1-31): The first leadership duty of civil leadership is to lead in commitment to the Lord, and the first leadership duty of church leadership is to lead in commitment to the Lord. When we covenant with God, we covenant not just personally to be set apart to Him, but in our actions to be set apart to His law. Each man, woman, boy, and girl—everyone with knowledge and understanding—in His church must individually profess their own commitment.

Discussion questions for Nehemiah 10:32-39

  • For what do all the duties in v32-39 provide (end of v39)? Since what time had such duties been particularly necessary? What is implied by the fact that they are especially identifying these duties as they “cut a firmness” here?
  • What was one thing needed for the temple service (32)? For what did they need it (33)? Who would be making and working with what was purchased in this verse?
  • What was not a specifically priestly or levitical duty, but was just as necessary for the temple service (34)? Among whom was this labor divided now? Who had done it before (cf. Josh 9:23)?
  • What is the connection between obedience and wisdom (e.g. logistics) demonstrated in v35-37? What does v38 show about who tithes
Study Questions to Prepare for Thursday’s Prayer Meeting
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