If you’re organizing an analysis section right you want to think about okay first reason your thesis is valid when you use or data and evidence for it whatever criteria you might consider here’s the second reason you explained and here’s the thing to explain while limitations of your evidence and analysis this goes back to a point you were asking before about about interviews and stuff if there’s anything that that’s in your in your method in the way that you’re approaching this that makes you think you know what I mean I can’t really prove this 100% you should basically say that and you should include all the reasons why maybe it’s not absolute I mean look I mean even the top researchers in the country have a qualifier section.

Usually toward the end of anything that they write where they basically say okay you know we did all this stuff and it was so awesome and here’s why we’re so right but here are all the things that we couldn’t cover here all of the reasons why it might not be a hundred percent here are all the reasons why it could be wrong you know and if the top best people who do this stuff all the time we do that kind of thing than you can – look I hate to say you’re just undergraduates but you are you know you are learning this okay if you look at four cases just to use your ethics example you know two cases from four cases from four different companies all online divided like that you think the four cases is going to be enough really to sort of slam dunk your ethics case yeah I don’t think so right that doesn’t mean that you’re wrong but what you can do is say well you know I cannot prove definitively that this is the case but I can’t tell you that based on these cases this is the direction it’s going right.

And for an undergraduate paper that’s enough that’s okay why am I sure I can still be valid even if there are limitations and then finally we come down to a conclusion what did we learn from your paper you want to explain how your argument is valid and/or sound how did the analysis support reciprocal argument this is really a big deal more than anything I think is why was it important you really want to be selling this thing throughout the paper but certainly the introduction of the conclusion when somebody’s done reading your paper they need to remember why it was why wasn’t worth my while to actually sit through this paper and read it what did I learn well it’s going to keep me up at night strong fish and part of a strong finish it isn’t just in refining there have a nice tile or whatever right it’s about explaining why something sure than they care why is it so the next section is works cited and notes your case your bibliography should contain you no fewer than three scholarly sources.

Quality Of An Undergraduate Paper
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