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At prayer meeting last night, we observed in Neh 12:1-26 the disproportion of space and emphasis upon thanksgiving and praise, among all of the duties of state and church. This dynamic continues into the rest of the chapter, next week.

Summary of the teaching: God loves to communicate to us His glory, and for communicating, He employs orderliness. Thus, lively faith responds to Him with joy but not chaos, orderly and coordinated exultation. Additionally, God keeps a record, and teaches us to keep remembrance, of all of His great works of goodness toward us. Among all the roles of all the offices that look forward to Christ, the most emphasized by far in this passage is the role of leader of thanksgiving, praise, and song. The Psalms teach us that He most looked forward to this, and the New Testament teaches us that He especially does this in our congregational gatherings each Lord’s Day.


The following study questions will help you prepare for the Bible lesson from next week’s prayer meeting:

  • What were they going to do in v27? Whom did they seek for this? How many? From where? Why—in what were they the appointees  and leaders (27b, cf. 11:17, 22; 12:8, 24)? How did someone get into this office/role (28-30)? In this great affair of state, what is the grandest office on display (31)? How much space is given to them again in v35-40a? And again in v41-42?
  • What did the other priests and Levites do (30, 43)? And how much space is given to the civil leaders (32-34, 40b)?
  • Beyond the dedication, for what were some of the priests appointed at that time (44a)? To take care of whom (44b, 47)? What else did the singers do (45)? How had David gotten to be a great builder of God’s temple after all (46)?
  • What do we learn from the comparative amount of words spent on the varying roles? Who is the grandest Officer on display? How is this even more so, with today’s Priest, Leader of thanksgiving, and Leader of Singing?
Nehemiah 12:1-26 – Priest-led Praise unto God Who Communicates His Glory
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