You always need to include an introduction to any paper now as we say here you should think about writing your introduction last I would really reserve about half a page I would wait until I was completely done writing the entire paper because that’s when you know exactly where you’re going what you’re gonna say then come back and write an introduction grab the writers of tip the reader’s attention tell them a little bit about where you’re going include the main idea much like you want a thesis statement and then that would serve as your introduction to a next general paper don’t just start saying although their author is Paul who cares are the authors Paul tell me what you’re writing them out tell me the main idea and then begin in the next section on context about who the actual writer is. Learn how to write a grabbing introduction at Edusson.

So here we see the next section context is going to take up about two pages and what’s going to be in here well there’s some explanation here and some examples but I want you to notice the two things I’ve highlighted in this yellow gold color color number one you begin this part of your paper by describing the historical cultural context hopefully that sounds familiar to you to a homework assignment you did a couple weeks ago when you described the biblical writer the biblical audience the day the occasion the theme basically what we did a couple of weeks ago in that historical cultural context of Ephesians goes in this portion of the paper now I made specific comments and when I graded that assignment you need to fix those you need to clean it up you need to make sure it’s well supported and documented with footnotes and citations etc and then you basically put that here and then notice the second highlight the second thing you need to include is the context section and there’s a paragraph or two about the surrounding context well and one of the other summons you’re doing for homework is what’s called the surrounding context you’re gonna write a paragraph about what goes on before your passage.

A paragraph about what goes on after your passage and then you’re gonna summarize how those two before and afters affect the meaning of your central passage that’s the essence of what goes here so you’ve already written a good portion of all of your paper already in our homework assignments excuse me worked on the the outline you’ve made observations you begin to think through the main idea we’ve already done that in a couple of the first assignments historical cultural context that goes right there surrounding context that goes right there so you can see how a lot of this is beginning to come together as you clean up some of your homework and put it together for this now the bulk of your paper is this content section notice that it’s five to eight pages so your your final paper should be anywhere between nine and twelve pages not less than that and preferably not a whole lot longer than that.

Grabbing Readers With The Inroduction
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